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Many Miles from Snowpiercer – Mel arrives at the research station, where he makes some discoveries while struggling to survive.


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Keep Hope Alive – Layton and Miss Audrey make a risky play for Big Alice, but Wilford has his own plans.


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A Single Trade – The Big Alice crew is granted shore leave on Snowpiercer; Layton and Wilford disagree.


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A Great Odyssey – Melanie embarks on her most dangerous mission yet, while Layton reckons with his personal choices.


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Smolder to Life – An exchange is made between the two trains, but a far greater revelation might be just over the horizon.


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The Time of Two Engines -Mr. Wilford has arrived. And as this new threat rattles Snowpiercer to its core, Melanie makes a move that can’t be undone.


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